The Jobs Partnership applies an innovative approach to workforce development that provides a lasting solution to the challenges of insecurity, low self-esteem, and inconsistent work ethic in today’s workplace.  The success of this unique Affinity Model of Shared Benefits’ comes by training people and building strategic relationships.

  • We train people on work-relevant biblical principles that result in much more than just exposure to strategies for success.  Our clients experience changes of heart that improve both their performance and their attitudes towards work.  In short, they learn to put the American work ethic into practice.

  • We build relationships with businesses, local churches, and other community resources that build bridges to equip, empower, and employ people – motivating them to reach their God-given potential.

The result is that businesses using our services recruit and retain qualified and motivated employees who contribute to the goals of the organization.  Churches that partner with us address real needs in their communities, and they provide, through their sponsorship and volunteers from their congregations, measurable benefits to the communities they serve.

NPR Story
Morning Edition,
April 3, 2006 · In Orlando, Fla., single moms, recovering drug addicts and others who need help finding jobs are turning to a worker-training program with a spiritual twist.
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