Are you looking for a way to engage in meaningful ministry that involves community transformation, deploying your skills and experience in a way that will bring a deep sense of satisfaction and contribution?   ”.  The Jobs Partnership offers training classes that prepare people for meaningful career path opportunities with our participating business partners and other employers throughout Central Florida.  You can connect to this culturally relevant ministry model by serving in one of the following volunteer opportunities:
As a single mother determined to break her dependency on public assistance, Carina found the help she needed from a trusted volunteer mentor in the LIFE & WORK training class.
Build a relationship with 3-4 people enrolled in the Jobs Partnership LIFE&WORK training class by attending twelve (12) Tuesday evening sessions.  You will be responsible for facilitating discussions with your assigned small group and assisting the students in applying the Biblical principles by sharing your personal and professional experiences related to the class topics.

Job Counselors
Put your human resource background to work by attending twelve Thursday evening sessions.  Your role is to assist a small group of 3-4 students in completing the employability skills portion of the training class which includes analysis of a career assessment, resume preparation, interview skills, job search techniques and the preparation of an individualized employment plan.

Hospitality Team Members
– Work behind the scenes to organize and coordinate events such as luncheons and receptions.   In this role you would meet with others on a team to plan regular events of the ministry such as business partner or volunteer gatherings and the graduations.

Connect your experience in business with the Biblical principles for success in the marketplace as outlined in the LIFE & WORK training curriculum.  You will be responsible for delivering one of the topics on a designated evening.

Business Partner
Integrate Sunday and your work week by engaging The Jobs Partnership of Florida as a recruiting source for your business. Contact us to find out how your business can truly be a place of ministry in the area of employee recruitment and retention.  Seek to recruit one of the qualified graduates of the LIFE & WORK training class to fill an open position at your company.

Call Jen Kaiser (407) 641-0755 x102
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